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Earlier this week Richa Chadha and Payal Ghosh decided to settle their dispute filing consent terms at Bombay High Court. As per the settlement, Payal had withdrawn her statement against Richa tendering an unconditional apology. In response, Richa cancelled her defamation suit against Payal she filed earlier. Richa had accused Payal for making a false, baseless, indecent and derogatory statement against her while sought monetary compensation as damages.

Now, in her recent tweet, Payal Ghosh has claimed that she had sent her apology only as a ‘woman and human’ because Richa Chadha’s lawyer had ‘begged’ her lawyer, since Richa Chadha was being trolled over the Payal Ghosh case stating what ‘Anurag Kashyap had told her about Richa Chadha.’

Payal has also shared screenshots of a Twitter user saying that she has been defaming Anurag Kashyap for money and that she is ready to ‘compromise’. The person even showed how Richa Chadha’s lawyer Saveena Bedi was backing the netizen. Terming it a ‘modus operandi of the Kashyap gang’, Payal claimed it’s a ‘contempt of court.’

Earlier, Payal Ghosh claimed that in 2014 filmmaker Anurag Kashyap tried to molest her once, recalling an incident when he got naked in front of her and tried to get intimate with her. She even took to Twitter to appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for help as she fears that the ‘mafia gang’ would kill her.


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